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Case Study

Old Trafford Gateway Redevelopment

The transformation of Old Trafford is underway with the launch of a multi-million pound urban regeneration project.

The Old Trafford Master Plan will create a new gateway to Trafford and over the next 10 years will provide a mix of social housing and affordable private accommodation; wide scale community regeneration; and environmental improvements.

The Master Plan is split into nine pockets of development in the Old Trafford area - Tamworth, Ayres Road Gateway, Hullard Neighbourhood, The Rivers Neighbourhood, The Cliftons Neighbourhood, Shrewsbury Street, Stretford Road, Fahey’s Depot and St. George’s Gate.

The regeneration scheme will create 1300 new homes, 1100 m2 retail place, 4000m2 community centre, library and youth space. Plus it will retain and refurbish five tower blocks forming modern City Centre accommodation.

A number of these inner city neighbourhoods are currently in the top 10 per cent of the UK’s most deprived areas. As well as tackling many of the socio-economic issues that are common in these communities, such as high levels of unemployment, housing overcrowding and higher than average crime rates, the regeneration aims to build on the strong local community spirit.

This vision also focuses on incorporating safer walking and cycling routes, new community facilities, improving youth provisions and enhancing the green space in the area.

Client: Trafford Housing Trust / Trafford Borough Council
Sector: Affordable Housing
Contract Value: £56.0M

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