Castlefields Regeneration

Client  Halton Borough Council, Plus Dane Group, Liverpool Housing Trust and Homes & Community Agency

Contractor Cruden Construction and Seddon

Contract Value £85M

Services Desk Top Studies, Site Investigation, Flood Risk Assessment, Drainage Surveys and Specialist Surveys

Sutcliffe was involved in this major regeneration programme for over 10 years. During this time, over 1,008 deck access flats were removed and replaced by 1,086 new homes, a community village square of shops, PCT and community centre.

The Castlefields Regeneration Programme has been guided by a partnership of:

Halton Borough Council

Plus Dane Group

Liverpool Housing Trust

Homes and Community Agency

North West Development Agency

English Partnerships

The same partnering team was used on all 18 schemes over the on-going regeneration programme. The budget spend was over £85 million.

“We believe in the creation of long term, stable delivery teams with open and honest sharing of information…. The passion, excellence and respect that the partners share is a model we are proud of and looking to mirror on other major projects”

Sutcliffe was appointed to the design team due to our in-house capability to provide multi-disciplinary services beginning with site investigations including phase 1 investigation (desk study), phase II investigation and risk assessment through to remediation strategy and validation.

Sutcliffe followed this by producing the structural design for the foundations and superstructure along with a flood risk assessment and infrastructure design including sewer diversions, adopted roads and highways (section 38, 278 & 104 agreements).

Due to our early involvement we were able to manage and identify many key issues;

Issue: Asbestos in the Existing Buildings

Managed: We ensured early robust surveys were carried out and managed the results to ensure there were no consequent delays to the project.

Issue: Ground Obstructions

Managed: Many were left from previous developments and demolition. By detailed investigations we were able to ensure contamination was dealt with in a timely manner. We also considered measures to alleviate problems with existing foundations and on a number of occasions used an alternative design, partly reusing existing bases.

Issue: Statutory Utilities

Managed: Unidentified services would have increased cost and time. Clever designs by Sutcliffe and negotiations with planners and utility companies and stakeholders allowed us to avoid problems in this regard.

Issue: Planning Conditions

Managed: Negotiated with planning authorities to deal with planning conditions notably on contamination and ensured all issues were dealt with in close collaboration with the design team.