Veolia Recycling Facility

Client  Veolia Environmental Services Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority

Contractor Volker Fitzpatrick

Architects RPS

Contract Value £20M

Services Civil & Structural Engineering

The new Merseyside recycling facility, designed using state-of-the-art recycling separation technology, sorts paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, steel cans, aluminium cans and plastic bottles. It accepts household dry waste currently collected in Knowsley and Liverpool, with Wirral’s recyclables continuing to go to the Bidston MRF.

The building itself has been designed to reduce its impact on its surroundings with a number of designed-in environmental features, including an attractive curved roof, adding roof windows to allow natural light into the building and constructing the building and its foundations using recycled and reclaimed materials.

Right through construction, the building has been assessed using BREEAM The world’s most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority achieved a BREEAM Green Guide ‘A’ Rating for materials used, an energy performance rating of A, and a BREEAM Industrial ‘Excellent’ rating for bench-marking the sustainability of the whole facility.

Built to these stringent environmental specifications, the company appointed to construct the facility, Volker Fitzpatrick, has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme 2011 National Site Award for good reuse of materials on site whilst showing sensitivity to the local community.