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Happy 30th work anniversary to our Managing Director, Sean Keyes!

Sean joined Sutcliffe on July 2, 1990, as an eager 25 year old chap ready to make his mark in the engineering industry, and that he did.

His first role at Sutcliffe was as a senior engineer, working his way upwards to associate engineer, then onto a technical director. In 1999 Sean became a company director after 8 years working within the company, before heading up the business as Managing Director in 2015.

Sean has successfully steered Sutcliffe through the good times, and the bad times, including recessions and even a global pandemic. One thing is for sure, Sean tackles each element of his role at Sutcliffe with rigour and determination, and is a great role model to the younger graduates and apprentices that are following in his footsteps.

Not only is Sean a hardworking professional, he is a friend, mentor and motivator to many, and above all, a valued and trusted director who has made an incredible difference to those he works with.

So cheers to 30 years from your colleagues and friends of Sutcliffe. Here we share some special moments with you and wish you one huge congratulations for your milestone year.

In the words of a number one song from the year you joined Sutcliffe – nothing compares 2 u!

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