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Following today’s Autumn Statement, the UK is now officially in a recession. Jeremy Hunt announced that the threshold for the top rate of income tax will drop from £150,000 to £125,000, and energy bills will rise to £3,000 a year from April.

“I’m frustrated that we were so off the mark eight weeks ago during the last government announcement and although it’s clear that we’ve got to make budget cuts in the aftermath of high levels of spending, Covid, Brexit and the rising cost of living, much, much more needs to be done even after today, to help businesses and the general public. 

“The tax burden which is looking to be above 36% and at its highest rate since 1948/49 is alarming and reducing this must be a priority to stimulate economic growth.  Tax cuts are simply not realistic right now, as the country needs to rebuild. 

“Everything from energy, to petrol, to materials and transport is increasing, which means everyone’s weekly and monthly outgoings will increase and the myth that the ’super rich’ can pay for everything simply isn’t true. 

“The disruption of HS2 and further Northern Rail / Northern Powerhouse projects also creates a problem for the northern economy. It is pivotal that we have a well connected region, as faster connections to Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds will create further wealth across the board, so to not see this as a priority for the government is very disappointing. 

“Of course we need to reduce spending so inflation decreases. We have been really shoddy with the NHS, the cap on salaries is something I really don’t agree with and I really think after what the NHS workers have done for our country throughout the pandemic, they deserve so much more. The fact Rishi Sunak has consulted with the Office for Budgetary Responsibility is at least a bonus and if the previous regime had done just that, we may not be finding ourselves in the situation that we are in now.”

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