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Phase 1: Preliminary risk assessments and desktop studies

Integral to the site investigation process, Phase 1 site investigation is a preliminary risk assessment from the collation and review of published information regarding a site's historical, geological and environmental setting. 


What does our study include?

  • Summary of the report
  • Site walkover survey
  • Site details 
  • Historical review
  • Geological review
  • Environmental review
  • Conceptual ground model 
  • Site investigation 

Phase 2: Geoenvironmental site Investigations

A Phase 2 site investigation report is the second stage in the site investigation process where the results and recommendations presented in Phase 1 outline the requirement for further investigation. It aims to highlight ground related risks associated with your build and will help you meet all regulatory requirements to complete your project safely.


Using information gathered in Phase 1:Preliminary Risk Assessments, Phase 2 will further target areas of environmental concern. 


A Phase 2: Geoenvironmental site investigation combined with an initial Phase 1 forms the basis of a robust geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation.

Phase 3: Remediation Strategies

Phase 3 aims to develop a land remediation strategy to demonstrate how the site will be safely developed for its purpose. Remediation is the act of rendering a site fit for purpose under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Our in house team of geoenvironmentalists review all site risks and assess the most appropriate, cost-effective options for your land and how they can be implemented. Phase 3 includes:


  • Options appraisal
  • Remediation strategy
  • Validation

Phase 4: Validation report

Following the Phase 3 remediation works, a Phase 4 verification report brings together the supporting information required to demonstrate the completion of remedial works.


Validation is the process in which evidence is gathered and presented to verify that the remedial objectives have been achieved and your site meets all safety and regulatory standards. 

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