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On International Women’s Day, Sutcliffe Communications Director, Jacqui Johnson shared her thoughts on the importance of women working in the engineering industry and encouraged young women to consider a future in engineering:

“If young girls and women understood just how varied, interesting and extremely rewarding a career in the engineering industry was, then more would see it as a valid option. Nevertheless, without a doubt, we’re seeing an increased number of young girls entering the sector at apprenticeship level. I was never exposed to the possibility of working in the engineering industry when I was younger, but I’m glad to see an increasing number of young girls entering the business, and not just in administrative roles but as engineers, designers and surveyors.

When we cultivate an environment that champions the inclusion of women, we encourage endless possibilities. Bridging the gender gap in male-dominated industries is imperative, especially by nurturing interest and inclusion among young girls, beginning right from school level.”

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