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Sutcliffe is playing its part in the green agenda in all elements of business by making long term commitments that lead to a positive future. After evaluating how we work on site to how we operate within our offices, we are taking a definite step to influence a change with the aim of creating a sustainable, net zero future. 

During lockdown, Sutcliffe encouraged all staff to attend events and seminars to educate and spark opinion, helping the internal team to realise the benefits of a green lifestyle and business. 

Sean Keyes said, 

“As engineers, our impact on society is huge and as a business over the last three decades, we have prevented over one million tonnes worth of waste going to landfill sites, with a huge impetus placed on re-using waste on-site rather than putting it into landfills. 

“We are leaders in sustainable development and over the years we have taught our clients ways to improve their own green credentials, to ensure we are all pushing in the right direction to achieve net zero.

For the government, Keyes said the simplest way for them to take direct action in achieving net zero, is to either increase or decrease taxes on the areas that are having a positive or negative impact on the environment.

“For example, if a company is using fossil fuels for their new properties, then increasing their taxes would convince them to use greener methods of construction and in return would benefit the sector and the environment on a larger scale.”

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