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At Sutcliffe, we have corporate social responsibility at the core of the business and are committed to working in a way which upholds our ISO 14001 accreditation. We achieve this internally by setting and committing to several targets.

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Reducing our carbon footprint and committing to the sustainability agenda

We are committed to reducing and minimising our carbon footprint through a series of initiatives in the office and onsite. All staff are encouraged to recycle on office premises and we are currently working towards becoming a paperless office. Onsite, ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ (MMC) and ‘Lean Engineering’ processes are adopted to ensure better sustainability.

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Embedding ourselves in the local community and supporting local charities and initiatives

All staff are given the opportunity to donate hours and volunteer at local charities and education facilities. Each year we engage in several fundraising activities for our chosen charity, as well as offering unpaid hours to other local charities and causes in need across the Liverpool City Region.

In 2022, Sutcliffe pledged to raise a total of £48,103 of social value in recognition of our CSR commitments with the ICN Framework, ensuring we are making a positive impact in our local community. We delivered 66 outcomes in response to our pledges, creating a total of £88,347 of social value, far surpassing our initial commitment. We delivered 12 different food, fuel, or furniture poverty initiatives with cash contributions totalling £5,294, providing direct support for those hit hardest by the cost of living crisis. Our support included a donation to the Mustard Tree which creates opportunities for people to help themselves through a variety of practical support that is solely driven by the needs of an individual. 

The type of services it provides includes a food club, furniture and clothes support, connections to work, improvements to health and well-being plus new experiences to encourage aspiration.

Across 2022/2023 the Sutcliffe team completed 646 hours of volunteering to support community projects which consisted of providing mentoring support to local children through the LFC Foundation. By providing this type of mentoring support, we helped to reduce barriers for local young people, guiding them on a pathway to maximise their full potential.

In 2023, we launched the first Sutcliffe Charity Spring Ball in aid of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust to implement its SWAN model of care across the Liverpool City Region. 

Our fundraising target of £50,000 was surpassed, raising a total of £51,661 on the night. The total of these funds helped to support patients and their families with excellent individualised end-of-life and bereavement care. The effects of our fundraising allowed the irreplaceable nurses and NHS staff to continue to treat, save, support, protect and significantly improve the lives of our friends, family and colleagues across the Liverpool City Region as well as helping to provide extra special touches in people’s final moments. 

Since 2020, our approach has led us to allocate 60% of our operations to non-profit housing associations, amplifying our mission of achieving profit with purpose, which is both strategic and impactful, channelling wealth back into local communities and uplifting the underrepresented. The strategic pivot in supporting non-profits has amplified our community footprint, assisting us in championing a safer, more inclusive society.

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Supporting the next generation of engineers

Sutcliffe combines profit-driven goals with profound societal impact, exemplifying responsible business excellence.

Since 2020, Sutcliffe has dedicated 1860 hours to STEM outreach, aiming for an equal gender balance by 2030 and rectifying underrepresentation in construction. Our outreach diversifies recruitment, focussing on schools with non-native English speakers. Through the Kickstart Scheme and targeted PR, Sutcliffe has become a top choice in the Liverpool City Region for school leavers, hiring two full-time staff members in 2022. 

Since 2022, Sutcliffe has provided 380 hours of work experience to Liverpool’s youth across all departments including 7 full-time placements, 18 short-term experiences, and an apprenticeship, primarily for ages 15-21.

At Sutcliffe, we have the opportunity and ability to offer several work experience placements throughout the year to school children, school leavers, undergraduates and graduates alike, providing them with an insight into the world of work and engineering. Our time is also offered to local universities for guest lecturing, mentoring and CV writing.

In 2022/2023 we attended eight different career events across local colleges and universities, supporting young people into different professions and advising on suitable pathways to enter the industry. While many of these activities were pre-planned, some were reactive to the needs of the communities.

At Sutcliffe, we channel our team’s collective knowledge and compassion to tackle both industry-specific and community challenges. With a unified vision, we are unwavering in our commitment to empowering individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, whether they face immediate crises or seek a pathway into the workforce. 

Our initiative encourages and supports social mobility through education, training, work experience and community engagement as we interweave this with our wider business strategy, allocating an approximate 4% turnover to initiatives promoting education, training, and community engagement.

We give career advice to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds make more informed career choices as well as create accessible routes to employment through placements, graduate schemes and apprenticeships as well as supporting current employees with their professional growth.

Our CSR policy is reviewed annually. We continuously work towards a lasting legacy and strive to create vibrant and sustainable local communities.

Managing Director, Sean Keyes is pictured next to Executive Associate, Kate Watson and Director, Anoop Jayakkar