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    Project Details

  • Sector:
  • Services: Structural and civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental investigations, pre-planning services and flood risk analysis
  • Client: Aintree Technology Park
  • Location: Aintree
  • Architect: Snow Architects

100 Long Lane

Sutcliffe has previously designed a full working scheme on the proposed Merseyside Fire and Rescue site for a previous client. The scheme comprised 32 new build warehouse units, new roads and car parking, and was taken to the detailed design stage. 

However, when the financial crash of 2008 took hold, the developer decided not to progress the scheme to the site. The warehouse units were designed as traditional steel portal frames with mass fill foundations. Several of the units also contained partial mezzanine floors, which required coordinating with multiple tenant requirements. 

Sutcliffe carried out site investigations, displaying its knowledge of the underlying ground conditions, which will be invaluable when engaging with the LCC Contaminated Land Department, which typically insists that all previous reports are referenced in detail.

Extensive dialogue also took place with United Utilities to agree on surface water discharge rates and attenuation rates for this specific site. This historic knowledge will assist in negotiations with UU moving forward, even though the parameters of design have shifted since 2008. 

A natural pond and wellbeing garden is proposed by MFRA, which significantly helps meet the current sustainability goals that we should all aspire to meet.