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2022 started off strong for many and there was plenty of positivity in the air, the economy recovered well post Covid and despite the complications of Brexit and a post pandemic world, spirits were high. 

Sean Keyes, our managing director shares his predictions for 2023:

“Unfortunately things out of our control in the UK, including the war in Ukraine brought complications and the changing political landscape also brought uncertainty, but as we always do, we kept pushing forward.

Contrary to what the press is reporting, the economy will improve from Spring 2023 onwards and the construction sector will help to lead this, especially in the North of the country, with the Liverpool City Region and various other northern hotbeds continuing to attract high levels of output through construction.

I also predict that high energy prices and inflation will start to drop as we go through the new year and we can look back in 12 months time on a year that we thought would be tough, but improved and brought out the best in a lot of people and businesses. In the Liverpool City Region, we are all looking after each other, there is a lot of generosity and charity giving, especially throughout the festive period and at Sutcliffe, we are playing a big part in this and giving back to the local community that has supported us since 1985.

On the theme of charity, my highlight of 2023 will be the Sutcliffe Ball in April, which aims to raise £50,000 for the Liverpool University Hospitals Charity – this will be the highlight for the Liverpool City Region construction sector and something that we are already counting down the days until!”

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