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In February 2020, the construction industry was thriving across the nation with private housing paving the way for new projects – creating a total value of £13.5m according to ONS statistics (2020).

However, after the global outbreak of Covid-19 plagued the nation in March 2020, it is clear that the economy is still working hard to get back on its feet. 2021 ONS statistics are now revealing that construction output has fallen for the third consecutive month by 1.3%.

Sean Keyes, managing director of structural and civil engineering company Sutcliffe, promotes positivity despite statistics revealing a decline in construction output across the UK.

Non-housing repair and maintenance is recognised as the biggest contributor to this monthly decline, falling by 4.5%, while private housing also saw a decline as repair and maintenance and new work fell by 4.6% and 3.2%.

Despite this decline, Sean Keyes remains optimistic when sharing his thoughts on the challenges facing the sector: 

“Although the construction output dropped for the third consecutive month, there is no need for concern. At Sutcliffe, we are certainly still preparing for bright months ahead.”

Recognising the impact that Covid-19 has had on the construction industry, Sean says: “As the wider economy repairs post-pandemic and the general public spend their money on the high-street and not just on home renovations and building work, maintenance has slipped, but this will balance out in 2022.”

With lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, Sean and the team at Sutcliffe are looking forward to seeing the industry thriving again.

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