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Following Liverpool’s ‘improvement plan’ set by the council, changes have been made to revive the city of Liverpool and although significant challenges remain ahead, the future of the city is bright.

With a glimmer of hope set for the city, lead commissioner Mike Cunningham said for the first time that the team were optimistic about the city’s direction of travel after working alongside Liverpool Council to develop a strategic improvement plan. This plan aims to deliver the best possible services and improved outcomes for the people in the city. 

Looking to the future, there is uncertainty about the scale of the challenge ahead, one that requires those living within the city to be vocal and heard. 

Sean Keyes, managing director, Sutcliffe:

“The government’s commissioners are in Liverpool this week which is a great opportunity for them to hear directly from the businesses and the business leaders that create the heartbeat of our city region. The commissioners are undertaking a necessary role of improving how the city is run, overseeing the incredible hardwork of many of the city’s workforce.

“For them to listen to the business community that has worked within these boundaries for years and in many cases decades, we are proud to be a part of this discussion, having personally seen the sector and Liverpool change greatly since our formation in 1985. 

“For me, Levelling up, the Northern Powerhouse and increased funding is needed for our city and everybody in the meeting with the Place Partnership has an invested interest in what happens.

“Nobody knows the city better than us and we’re all looking for change and improvement. We all know that Liverpool is a sleeping giant as a destination and as a city, that is waiting to fully wake up.

“We have improved since changes to the previous governance of the council in 2021 / 22 and as we continue to make strides towards a brighter future, we are united as one in making sure our voice is heard and we should support the valuable work the commissioners are doing to improve our city”.

The Liverpool business community is aligned and fully behind the changes being made at Liverpool City Council and we thank the city’s skilled and hardworking staff for driving these changes forward.

On Wednesday 1st February, Sutcliffe’s managing director, Sean Keyes attended Liverpool Town Hall, organised by Liverpool Place Partnership, to meet with the commissioners and address change.

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