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A 15-minute city is a concept that reimagines urban spaces, promoting the idea of mixed-use, community-based and environmentally friendly infrastructure and development. This idea is intended to influence the way we design and evolve urban spaces in order to combat climate change. 

Managing Director, Sean Keyes, shares his thoughts on this concept for an urban revolution:

“We want all of the big cities in the UK to be the same, with higher infrastructure and investment needed in both the north and the south. Smart 15-minute cities cut pollution and will improve productivity and the quality of life for us all, especially as the shorter commutes and life being in walking distance, creating stronger city centre communities.

“We still need our suburbs, we need to return to what they were 100 years ago, with the city centre acting as the hub and suburbs providing a greener space to live and socialise. 

“15-minute cities will protect the green belt land and this will encourage more construction in the city centre and reduce the stress of building on the edge of these green belt areas. 

“I support this 100%, as the benefits of getting from A-B without needing a car far outweigh the negatives. Of course, there are winners and losers in every situation and smarter cities may see certain suburbs in disadvantaged areas declining, but for a stronger UK economy and vibrant city centres, 15-minute cities are the way forward!”

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